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School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers practical oriented courses, complimented by state of the art lecturing facilities and a fully-fledged Hotel and Conference Centre. Highly skilled lecturing staff ensure that students receive the latest transfer of skills which enables them to face present and future challenges of the industry in South Africa as well as abroad. Programmes are developed and updated in close cooperation with industry to ensure they are relevant to the industry.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

The aim/focus of the Diploma in Hospitality Management is to provide learners with the appropriate knowledge, technical and personal skills and attitudes to work effectively, efficiently and sustainably at operational and supervisory levels within the hospitality industry. Their basic managerial and high level operational competencies in hospitality management operation will provide the foundation to process into managerial positions. The diploma will enable graduates to manage future operations competently including front office management, housekeeping, culinary arts, beverage services, practical knowledge of wines, cocktails and Barista training

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

The aim of the qualification is to develop the student's applied and cognitive competencies in the acquisition, interpretation, understanding and applications of hospitality management principles. The student will be able to analyze and explain strategic and operational decisions in the context of the hospitality and/or tourism industry and to assess and interpret the external impact of decisions. The student will also be able to reflect on their managerial decisions and applications to assess the effect thereof in the holistic context of hospitality management.

Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

The aim of the qualification is to provide students with an academic learning opportunity to enter the hospitality industry at a higher management level, able to utilise and apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques. The programme combines theory and practice to give students the chance to apply their knowledge, making use of case studies, practical engagement and site visits. Critical soft skills are embedded in the coursework. The programme also paves the way for students to develop an analytical mindset that will be crucial for managers and leaders in the field.

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Ms Faithful Mthembu (Admin Assistant ): 013 002 0288  - Faithful.Mthembu@ump.ac.za

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